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Tools for TASR (Technology-Assisted Self-Regulation / Self-Realization):

This is the official source for TAG Sync (theta-alpha-gamma synchrony) software and training. Both the single and dual channel NFB designs train self-regulation of cross-frequency coupling & phase synchrony. Please visit TAG Sync for more information.
If this is your visit and you are not acquainted with biofeedback or neurofeedback then you may want to spend a moment looking at the U.S. National Library of Medicine holdings at www.pubmed.gov:
Biofeedback Research
TAG Sync X2 - 2 Channel: Standard TAG Sync - Theta-Alpha-Gamma Synchrony Neurofeedback Software TAG Sync X1 - 1 Channel: For infra/ultra-low frequency NFB, SMR, etc, with dual rewards & peripheral feedback. Audio-Visual (AV) Library: 840 puzzles arranged in 14 topics, includes “Military” category for PTSD work.

Consultation and/or BCIA mentoring in biofeedback and/or neurofeedback:

Please contact me.
Neurofeedback Research TAG Sync - Feel the connection!
4-Channel Q-Wiz Amplifier Electrodes BioExplorer TAG Sync / TASR Suite
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$ 1875 USD